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Founder Anna D’Agostino

Founder Anna D’Agostino

“Believing in people before they have proved themselves is the key to motivating people to reach their potential”

— Anna D'Agostino, FOUNDEr of Excel

Excel Celebrates 25 Years of Service!!!

Anna D’Agostino opened the doors to Excel Employment Options, in 1994 after she had facilitated moving over 250 individuals from sheltered workshops into competitive, community based jobs as a business developer for another organization.  She facilitated the closing the first sheltered workshop in New Boston Michigan in 1991. True to Anna’s vision, Excel Employment Options stands alone in southeastern Michigan as an organization which has never participated in sheltered workshops and which provides entirely community based programming.  She is a powerful advocate, a dedicated and inspiring leader and an amazing example of how a single person can become an agent of social change. 

Providing A Culture of Support:

OUR VISION......  Excel is a leader in providing innovative support and services to individuals with disabilities, their families, businesses and the community

OUR MISSION...... To create opportunities and choices for people with disabilities through progressive programs of education, advocacy and personal development

We are committed to provide a culture of Responsibility, Compassion, Commitment, Excellence and Respect!

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