Feedback from high school participants of C.A.L.M.

  1. "Guided mediation and podcasts"
  2. "Listening to music that changes my mood is good"
  3. "Take everything one-step at a time"
  4. Coloring can be soothing
  5. "The Feeling Thermometer helps me explain how I feel"
  6. "Video games can help me reduce stress, if I don't play for too long and get distracted"
  7. "Being with my friends and family helps me manage anxiety"
  8. "I started going to a therapist because i need help dealing with my anxiety and depression"
  9. "Ice Breaker games help me feel more comfortable. I took the M & M Ice Breaker to my Forum Leader"
  10. "I am planning summer activities so I don't feel lonely or sad. Maybe the Neutral Zone summer camp"
  11. "I am ready to go to work this summer"
  12. "I made new friends in our group"
  13. "When things scare me I should ask an adult"
  14. "Sometimes I feel anxious and I don't know it. I act Angry. But breathing deeply like Megan, does help."
  15. "I found out I have to get more help, so my mom called the doctor"
  16. "Sleep is really important."
  17. "Naming emotions sucks and is really hard. I want it to be easier."
  18. "thinking of all the things at the beach (imagery) makes me calmer"
  19. "8 minutes sounds like a lot of time to do nothing and meditate. But, it does quick and then you feel better"
  20. "Petting cats makes me happy."
  21. "My positive (self-talk) words are "I can do it. I can do it."
  22. "Everyone needs human connections (not computer ones)"
  23. "I am going to practice stress relief by these 3 things: Drawing/coloring, walking around my neighborhood, and taking care of my dog after school gets out."
  24. "I didn't know smells can help you feel better before, I do now."
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Challenge Anxiety and Live Mindfully is run by Jessica....


What I love about Calm is.....


Megan runs Calm at the Ann arbor High Community High School....


What I love about Calm is.....

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