Stages of  Autism Consultation Services:

Service Description:

Stage 1: Intake-in depth intake with consumer and his or her family.

Stage 2: Education-A meeting or meetings or held to teach all concerned parties about ASD.

Stage 3: Information gathering- In-depth interviews with all relevant parties to create profile of goals, expectations, behaviors, schedules, abilities, and current methods used to support the individual.

Stage 4: Development- Creation of binder with visual tools and suggested coping strategies for every relevant aspect of individual's life. Binder will include visual tools, schedules, and strategies to assist individuals in meeting their goals.

State 5: In-service-Training is provided for consumer and all relevant parties on how to utilize newly developed tools and methodologies.

Stage 6: implementation and Maintenance- Regular visits from an Excel social coach to provide support in the implementation of strategies for personal development.

Excel Will Provide a comprehensive training of the ASD disorder and methodology for behavioral support that can be applied consistently to every area of the individual's life and training to consumers, families, home staff, job coaches, teachers and other stakeholders involved in the lives of an individual with ASD. In addition, the education of all family members and relevant stakeholders will provide each person with enhanced insight into the actions and thoughts of the individual, multiple strategies to support the person, thus reducing stress for all parties. At the termination of services Excel will provide a report with summary and any additional recommendations.

Family Therapy

Family therapy and support groups will allow for support and psychoeducation for families,
helping them to provide more support in the home to their loved ones with disabilities. In
accordance with ethical guidelines, family therapy will either be offered to a family where the
individual is not being treated by the therapist at Excel, or as an opportunity to work with the
family on supporting the individual within the home and family unit.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy allows for greater self-realization and emotional processing, as time in session is allocated to the individual with no interruption. This therapy modality also provides opportunities for developing coping strategies, and a safe place for self-expression that is free from evaluation by others that may be present in a group setting.

Group Therapy

Group therapy and support groups allow for practicing of social skills, as a group setting
provides social interaction in a safe environment. Group work also affords individuals the
opportunity to develop relationships with group members, and allows for normalizing of
emotions and experiences that our consumers and their families are going through.

Therapy Programs

What participants are saying about C.A.L.M.

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Jessica Humiston-Amon, LPC, NCE

"Love and compassion are necesseties, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive." -Dalai Lama


Jessica Humiston-Aman is a Limited License Professional Counselor within the state of Michigan. Jessica works with anxiety, depression, grief, LGBTQ+, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and life transitions. She sees adults and adolescents in individual, family and group settings. Jessica has sought additional training to deliver therapeutic services to individuals on the Autism Spectrum through practical and academic opportunities with Autism Specialists and leading experts on Autism Spectrum Disorder, including Tony Attwood and Isabelle Henault. Jessica also currently runes the Relationship Processing Group, which utilizes table top role playing games (like Dungeons and Dragons) to help clients develop and implement coping strategies. The group is suggested for individuals who are on the Autism Spectrum, or who struggle with anxiety, depression, impulse control, anger management, social skills, perspective taking, and dealing with authority.

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Megan M. Gandolfi, LLPC, NCE


I work as a Professional Counselor, I embrace the counseling profession’s emphasis on growth, wellness, empowerment and normal development when working with clients. I promote my client’s mental health, wellness, education and career goals by exploring their concerns through the lens of normal human development with a focus on strengths, wellness and prevention. Many clients come to me frustrated with unresolved concerns despite their best efforts. I typically work with adults and children assisting them in reaching their goals through the use of counseling, assessments and diagnosis. Currently, many of my clients are children and adolescents in our nearby schools, in addition to my individual clients, I facilitate peer support and psychoeducational groups, where I use creative ways to talk about and reinforce coping skills concepts in a safe, fun setting. I am well trained to provide these services because my master’s program was accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), I am licensed and qualified to care for client’s mental health needs, and to reach their goals based on my nationally accredited counseling training programs, my license as a Licensed Professional Counselor, my certification as a National Certified Counselor, and my commitment to uphold the Codes of Ethics of the American Counseling Association. Helping others is extremely rewarding, on a personal and professional level, I look forward to opportunities for research, collaborative projects, creative endeavors and ways to help others. I enjoy using my creative skills to create tools to help people. I share my love of creating things with people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to do so. I feel happy helping others, sharing my abilities and interests.

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Mary Kinsey, LPC


Mary Kinsey is the LPC Clinical Supervisor who works with the counseling team within the Autism and Support Services to development and grow clinical services. Mary knows mental health starts within the community and collaboratively working with clients and staff fosters true growth and development. Mary has worked at an array of for-profit and non-profit settings including hospitalization, private practice, residential and intensive outpatient services. Mary is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Michigan as well as Texas.  She is a clinical supervisor for limited licensed counselors in Michigan. Mary holds a MA in Counseling from Webster University and is working on continuing education at Western Michigan University in Addiction Studies.

Excel accepts private pay, sliding scale, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network, and Medicaid.